Work from Home during the lockdown; a forced break or a chance to seize?

Serena Marletta

While we never intended our BioCAD – DNA studio – to be the ideal tool to continue your work during the lockdown, it turns out, it is just what you need to keep working uninterrupted. 

Science from your sofa

It was not easy. And, the game is not over yet. 

Social distancing and workplace shutdowns had been a hard test even for confirmed misanthropes.

I do not want to weigh up the pros and cons of working from home. But we all have to admit that remote working has been a fundamental tool during the lockdown, and it allowed many people to keep working. How to run science from home? 

Many took the opportunity to catch up with the pile of articles to read, to attend online courses or to finish a manuscript. 

Others started looking for online tools to keep running their research far from the lab.

Why not starting from retrieving all those DNA parts you need to build that large DNA library you’ll test once back in the lab? 

Why not building your personal catalog of DNA parts? Why not having them synthesized while you’re at home? 

And on top of everything, why not having them stored in a shared webspace where all your teammates can access and edit them?

Data integrity, compatibility, traceability, and sharing; four essential keys to getting your job done right.

For this reason, I would like to list 3 simple steps you can follow to achieve these goals with our DNA design platform, Doulix, and get a head start on your next research.


1. Create a Doulix Account, it’s FREE

Doulix is a web-based platform that provides you with everything you need to visualize, design, validate, and synthesize your DNA sequences. 

It works like a toolbox: you choose which tool is most suitable for your project. And, it is free of charge for everyone

Whether you work for academia or an enterprise,  you can access the full-fledged software package directly through your web browser and it is ready-to-use. 

No license, no 30-day trial, no demo required. 

You don’t need to install anything, just create your personal account, log in, and start working straight away.

Doulix provides you a set of tools for most common synbio applications

2. Save, track, and share the coordinates of your DNA sequences

Like a GPS for DNA sequences, with Doulix you never get lost among the coordinates of your DNA sequences. 

With Doulix DNA Repository, you can create your own DNA sequence collections or use our fast-growing, public, and manually curated collection of DNA parts coming from many trusted sources, such as iGEM, SEVA and CIDAR. 

While you focus on DNA designing, Doulix will take care of the rest:

Data Storage: Forget about data back-up and leverage our cloud-based software enjoying unlimited storage space

You need only to upload your sequences in common file formats and hang them in your updated and well-organized digital closet.

Sequence traceability: Each of your genetic parts and constructs is tagged with a unique persistent identifier, called Part ID, compliant with the FAIR principles

In a nutshell, this means you will be able to access any of your sequences whenever you want over time.  

Data Sharing: With Doulix, your sequences are 100% shareable. Doulix platform has embedded its Sharing center as a free feature, allowing you to invite your collaborators working on your DNA sequences and constructs, granting them different permission levels (see more info here). 

Moreover, you can choose to upgrade your DNA collections from private to public to share them with the whole synbio community.

Versioning: Doulix ensures all collaborators to work on the same version of the shared sequences. 

Each user can access the History function, where all changes to the DNA sequence of interest are listed and identified by a History ID. 

All versions are sorted chronologically but you can switch from one version to the other at your convenience.

Doulix Biomodules fall into four main categories: Public, Lab-verified, Private and Shared with others. Search advanced filters allow you to search also by function, name, Part ID, and Collection type.


3. Place your synthesis on the cart

Doulix is a one-stop-shop developed to streamline the entire synbio workflow, from DNA design up to DNA synthesis. 

For this reason, Doulix provides a DNA synthesis service that allows you to seamless design and order your synthetic genes directly from the same platform. 

You can choose to synthesize your plasmids as full-length constructs or to receive individual fragments to build it yourself. 

Thanks to the power of Doulix AI-driven synthesis wizard, you can select the cloning method of your choice and Doulix will compute the optimal synthesis fragments for you to run your cloning protocol. 

As an Amazon for DNA sequences, you can always check your cart, while Doulix shopping assistant will scan your sequence and pull together a tailored portfolio of reagents you might be interested in.

With Doulix you can directly order for the synthesis of your plasmid immediately after DNA editing. One single platform for many purposes.

Doulix is an all-in-one solution for synthetic biologists where you can take advantage of a versatile and dynamic DNA design utility and an immediate e-commerce solution fused together. 

Ready to start a new way of working from home?