SEVA ORIs and Resistance Syntax

The Standard European Vector Architecture (SEVA) is a resource for implementation of a standard for physical assembly of vector plasmids and for their non-ambiguous nomenclature.


SEVA’s plasmid backbone names take the form pSEVA_XXXX where:


  • the first number denotes the antibiotic resistance marker(s) as defined in figure 1
  • the second number identifies the origin of replication as defined  in figure 2
  • the third number identifies the cargo if any is present. Standard cargos can be found here
  • the fourth number is optional and identifies the gadget if any is present. 

Then pSEVA_181 identifies a standard pSEVA plasmid carring an ampicillin resistance (pSEVA_1XX), with and pUC origin of replication (pSEVA_X8X) and a default multiple cloning site (pSEVA_XX1).

When constructing your own pSEVA vector, replace the third digit with the name of the gene of interest you cloned in the cargo slot: pSEVA_18_eGFP.

Figure 1: SEVA ORIs
Figure 2: SEVA Markers