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Leverage the power of AI to master Gibson, In-Fusion and SureVector scarless cloning methods

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You can refine both assembly and PCR parameters to fit your experimental needs


dsDNA fragments comply with the most stringent manufacturing criteria

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Tested on a dataset of 482 plasmids, our AI had a 90% success rate

How does it work?

DOULIX’s AI-powered assembly wizard scans your sequence to find suitable overlaps with the proper lengthGC content, and Tm. Then, thousands of different linear dsDNA fragments are computed between any two overlaps. Each fragment is designed to avoid secondary structure, homopolymeric stretches and other features that may impair its synthesis. Finally, DOULIX’s assembly wizard builds and validates the optimal set of fragments to run your assembly in-house.

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What's Gibson?

The CODEX DNA’s Gibson Assembly method uses a propietary enzymes to create overlapping regions that are annealed and ligated in one-pot quick reaction to yield a final covalently-joined, double-stranded DNA construct. Gibson Assembly efficiently and precisely fuses linear dsDNA fragments by recognizing 40-60bp overlaps at their ends.

What's In-Fusion?

The Clonetech’s In-Fusion Assembly is an efficient and robust cloning procedure that allows the seamless joining of two or more fragments by recognizing 15-bp overlaps at their ends, without the need for restriction enzyme digestion or compatible restriction sites.

What's SureVector?

Agilent ‘s SureVector cloning kit uses a unique enzyme mix that allows a gene-of-interest to be cloned into a fully customizable vector backbone in just 20 minutes. The SureVector single-tube reaction is virtually hands-free, making it the perfect choice for HT-cloning and automation.


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There is no fun without funding

The development and debugging of the Scarless Gene Assembly Wizard was partially supported by teh EU TOPCAPI project (Grant no.: 720793).