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SBOL viewer- let’s get visual

Doulix has created an interactive viewer to make it easier to view and communicate your sequence designs with SBOL. Try it out with a sample dataset or upload your own. 

Marco Amato, Seung-Kwon Fontana, Alessandro Filisetti & Davide De Lucrezia

Biologists are visual creatures

No matter how complex is the metabolic pathway they are working on, biologists need sketches to make sense of what the are building. 

The SBOL glyphs and visuals developed by the SBOL community are specifically designed to allow biologists to capture their designs in a simple and intuitive way. DOULIX’s SBOL viewer uses visual built off of the latest specification release, yet we are constantly striving to improve it with new functionalities.

The current release (version 0.0.6) supports:

  • SBOL 2.0-compliant files;
  • First level annotations, and
  • Search components and sequence annotations by name and position.

The current release does not support:

  • Molecular interaction and other higher level annotations, and
  • Search components and sequence annotations by sequence.

For the latest specification regarding the SBOL standard, please refer to SBOL Data Model Specifications

SBOL viewer for static resources

Doulix’s SBOL viewer can be directly embedded in your webpage to display SBOL file and allow your visitors to navigate and interact with your latest piece of research. It’s a perfect addon for your blog, wiki or website.


Let your users play

Empower your users with more by allowing them to upload their own SBOL-compliant file directly to your website. Doulix’s SBOL viewer it’s perfect for digital collections and biorepositories that need to bring their sequences to life.


As we use to say at Doulix, there is no fun without funding. DDL was partially supported by Bioroboost (Grant Agreement no 814650), MA was partially funded by the EU project SYNBIO4FLAV (Grant Agreement no 814650) and SKF and AF was supported by MIAMI (Grant Agreement 814645).

We are immensely thankful to James McLaughlin for visbol-js importer that we slighly adapted from:

We would like to thank Prof. Chris J. Myers (University of Utah & Synbiohub) and Jacob Beal (Raytheon BBN Technologies & SBOL Industrial consortium) for help and support.

Grant agreement No 820699

Grant agreement No 814645