Grand Challenge

Join DOULIX ™’s Grand Challenge and help to build the largest collection of in vivo characterized standard biological parts


Register to DOULIX’s Grand Challenge and we will contact you to discuss your specific project. Selected projects will receive reagents and support free of charge to complete in vivo characterization of their standard biological parts.

How many times have you heard that synthetic biology is all about standardization? In close analogy to what happened to electronic engineering in the late fifties, the application of synthetic biology’s approach to biology necessarily requires the implementation of fundamental design principles such as:

  • Standardization
  • decoupling
  • Abstraction
  • Modularity
  • Idempotence

Standardization plays a pivotal role, as SB relies on the design of modular, interchangeable and highly standardized biological parts, commonly known as BioBricks, that serve as construction units. Unfortunately, so far no comprehensive characterization of standard biological parts is available so that SB is still a “hand-crafted” discipline far from the forward biological engineering approach envisioned by founders at the beginning of the Twenty-first century.

At DOULIX ™ we started the largest in vivo characterization of standard biological parts but we need your help to accomplish this challenging task.


Clone your preferred promoter, RBS or terminator in one of the DOULIX’s standardization plasmid available for E.coli, Yeast and Mammal cells.


Measure in vivo the activity of your promoter, RBS or terminator in your organism of choice with our ISO-9001 certified protocols.


Upload data to DOULIX’s mainframe and collaborate with the SB’s community to decipher in vivo kinetics.