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The only public collection of DNA parts compling with the ISO-9001 standard.
Browse, retrieve and edit DNA sequences from multiple sources, including iGEM, CIDAR, Agilent Technologies, Sirion Biotech and SEVA.

Don’t compromise and enjoy the only DNA editor that combines the best of both worlds: the ease of use of pre-made biomodules with power of a full-fledged sequence editor.

Harness the power of AI to decouple design from synthesis. Choose among GoldenGate, Gibson, In-Fusion, SureVector, DNAmate and Doulix’s AI will compute the optimal fragments for you.

Less time searching, more time on research with our shopping assistant. Doulix’s AI scans your sequence and pulls together a tailored portofolio of reagents for you from Agilent, SGI-DNA, Sirion and many more.

DNA database

The only 9001 ISO-certified collection of standard parts

DNA editor

The best of both worlds: biomodules and full-fledged editor

AI-driven assembly

Leverage the power of AI to compute thousands of fragments in less than 4 minutes

Tailored reagents

Less time searching, more time on research with our shopping assistant

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We want
about your iGEM project!

Bridging the he between design and synthesis

Empowering synthetic biology

Biology is going through a radical paradigm shift over the last decade evolving from a qualitative/descriptive science to quantitative/engineering one. With DOULIX you can design custom construct with confidence choosing among hundreds of lab-tested biomodules and avoid most common design flaws using the validation wizard.

Looking forward to

Sota Hirano, M.Sc.
Application Specialist

How’s it going everyone? I’m very honored and excited to support iGEM 2019 teams! For any question, curiosity or psychlogical support, write me to this address:

s.hirano (at) doulix (dot) com

Antonia Barbazza, M.Sc.
Senior Researcher

As biologist, my wish for you is this experience to be be enriching and challenging where each of you could express the personal skills, knowledges and attitudes.

Be curious.

Dario Cecchi, Ph.D.
Head of R&D

Hello iGEMers!

I just want to tell you, as a synthetic biologist, how happy I am of seeing new young scientists joining the synbio community.

Take care and good luck for your wet lab experiments.

Davide De Lucrezia, Ph.D.
Managing Director

Hi iGEM 2019! 

I really hope Doulix will help you to focus on what matters the most: your ideas.

Good luck iGEMers!

This project has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Grant agreement No 720793.