Design less. Build faster.

A powerful bioCAD to design constructs in minutes.

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Free DNA design and editing

Get to research faster with an intuitive DNA design and editing application backed by powerful tools to streamline and simplify your research workflows.

Doulix DNA design and sequence editor screen

Build faster with modularity

DNA studio empowers you to work smarter with modularity. Now you can create constructs faster using modular templates. 

Design, edit and contribute to parts from the worlds largest library of lab-tested parts-  we call them biomodules.

pSEVA modular template BioCAD tool

Streamline design with ready-made constructs

Skip de novo design and pick from a library of professional, lab-tested constructs created for use in a range of downstream applications.

Simply search, select and edit your chosen construct. Save valuable time designing so you can focus on what you love: discovery.

Doulix BioCAD validation

Bulk validate for manufacture

Move from design to manufacture without the typical hickups. Validate hundreds of constructs for common and critical errors in minutes with our powerful error correction tools. And once you’re done you can prep your files for manufacture in a click.


Access the powerful AI tools that drive our commercial assembly platform. We use them to create constructs of greater length and complexity. 

You use them to compute optimal fragments for greater first time success in cloning and assembly.

One click upgrade with bulk imports

Loved your old DNA design tools but think maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Bulk upload your sequences and get started without missing a beat. 

Doulix Biomodules for faster DNA design

The App store for SynBio

Reuse, redesign and share modular components in the worlds largest library of lab test parts. Explore hundreds of validated bio-modules and constructs to find the perfect part for your project.

Integrated synthesis workflows

Streamline your design to synthesis workflows and order your designs with a click. Our award nominated synthesis and assembly technologies turn your most ambitious designs into reality.

"This is is big people and long awaited, at least by me... Online virus design and fabrication; its the start of the App store for Biology"
Andrew Hessel
founder - Humane Genomices

Design. Free & easy.

We build tools to solve the big challenge of design and manufacture of DNA. We do it to support the future bio-economy that your research is building.

It’s why DNA studio from Doulix is free, and will stay free forever. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Ready for synthesis?

Skip straight to ordering your DNA synthons and assemblies at our shop.

dsDNA Fragments

Long dsDNA fragments up to 2.5kbp optimised for assembly and with industry leading fidelity.

Cloned Fragments

Custom subcloning services for fragments up to 7.5kbp. 100% sequence perfect for even complex projects.

Custom constructs

Assembly services for large, complex plasmids up to 35kbp and optimised for your application of choice.