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End to end services for DNA synthesis that free you to pursue more ambitious research.

dsDNA Fragments

Double stranded DNA fragments for performance in a range of applications. 

Industry leading fidelity, optimisation as standard and fragments up to 2.5kbp. 

Our fragments guarantee greater first time success in cloning and assembly.

from €0.12 /bp

Cloned Fragments

Save tens, hundreds, or even thousands of hours per year manually cloning. 

Open a pipeline of custom vectors, with fragment inserts as large as 7.5kbp. Comprehensively optimized for expression and assembly.

from €0.12/bp

Custom Constructs

Build your biggest design yet. Three times faster and for half the cost of in house assembly.

Get fully optimised plasmids up to 35kbp without traditional limits to complexity, in as little as 25 days.

Ideal for long pathway engineering, CRISPR/CAS, artificial chromosomes and where complexity and length are your biggest challenge to success.

from €0.12 /bp

“Doulix has allowed our entire lab to increase our output by a factor of 10. We’ve gone from testing expression in two strains every six months to 20! It’s been a game changer for producing more, quality data”.
Dario Cecchi
Lab Manager

Click & Forget

Double your research output without ever touching a piece of DNA. Simply order, we’ll handle the rest.
With all that time saved, you’re free to pursue your most ambitious designs yet. 

Your DNA, on demand.

Securely store your DNA for free with the Doulix Biofoundry to quickly reuse and mutate your constructs.
Enjoy even faster turnaround and pay only for ex novo synthesis.
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DNA synthesis service customer support

Powerful AI.
Sophisticated assemblies. 
A human touch.

Our DNA synthesis services are built on some pretty advanced tech. 

Like the AI we trained to solve synthesis and optimisation problems on thousands of hours of real world, experimental data.

Or our playbook of automated assembly methodologies that build you long, complex constructs quickly and accurately.

But, our real secret is our team; your DNAngels. Always ready to jump two feet into your most ambitious design and say “let’s build that thing.”



World class support when you need it

Throughout your project you get personal, expert support in planning, ordering and troubleshooting your DNA. 

We talk strategy, help you discover parts, tackle assembly issues and solve expression hickups.

It’s all part of our obsession with helping you do more with your research.

DNA synthesis services expert
We respond in hours, not days
>95% project success rates.
Expert support at every step.

Europe’s most pioneering labs trust us with their DNA

Doulix and Reithera
Doulix and Manchester University
Doulix and Cardiff University
Doulix and Biosustain
Doulix and Milan University

Explore our DNA synthesis services

dsDNA Fragments

Linear, double stranded DNA fragments up to 2.5 kbp, optimised for assembly and with the lowest error rates in the industry.

€0.12 /bp

250 bp – 2.5 kbp

1:10,000 error rate

Free optimisation for
Gibson, Goldengate 

avg. 11 day turnaround


Cloned Fragments

Custom fragments up to 7.5 kbp, subcloned into the vector of your choice and optimised for expression and assembly.

€0.12 /bp

250bp – 7.5 kbp

100% verified

Custom subcloning
from 42 €/sample

avg. 21 day turnaround  

Custom Constructs

Custom plasmid assembly up to 35 kbp optimised for expression and with support from the most dogged team in DNA.

€0.12  /bp

7.5 – 35 kbp

100% verified

Free optimization for 
industrial hosts

from 25 day turnaround


100% perfect DNA that’s 
our quality promise.

See what your lab can do when you when you trust your DNA to us. Put us to the test with our Quality Promise: a 100% functional product or your money back.


So yeah sure, you can keep thinking those experiments are impossible. Or you can challenge us with your toughest requests for none of the risk.


Cutting-edge synthesis services and world class support at prices to help you scale research with DNA.


Pre-purchase your DNA and save with the Doulix X-card while simplifying ordering for your whole lab.

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