The Doulix Biofoundry: A bento box of tools to work smart

Serena Marletta

We built Doulix biofoundry with ease of use at it’s heart. By building our platform around you we endeavoured to build a service that is as easy and pleasent to use as your favourite takeaway. I’ll explain these key features and how they can help transform your research. But before that, let’s talk a little about food.

A familiar story about food


Another long workday is coming to an end…

Today didn’t go as you had hoped.

That DNA fragment you were striving to clone is still playing up. What’s going wrong?

Maybe traditional restriction/ligation is not working. You could try Gibson assembly, it worked for your lab mate last week.

Or maybe it’s the vector? You check but discover it was designed by the previous post-doc and a manual sketch is all you have.

You’ll solve that tomorrow.

It’s now 6:30 PM and your stomach is growling- you only had time for a sandwich at lunch.

When you get home, you rush to the kitchen to conquer the fridge…… E-M-P-T-Y!!!

You had such a busy week in the lab that you forgot to do to the groceries. Again.

Once upon a time, it would have been the emergency “beans on toast”. But no longer.

Oh yes, your belly will be full tonight.

Grab your phone, open that trendy food order app and before long, you’re sitting in front of a Bento box from your favourite sushi restaurant. It’s all too easy.

Which is when you start wondering. Why can’t everything be like this? Why can’t things be this good in the lab?

What if a single service could help you solve those frustrating problems working with DNA?

What if there was a simple solution to your challenges working with DNA?

Well. maybe there already is? 

You see, we work at Doulix with that goal in mind. To make DNA synthesis easier and more reliable for those who need it for research. 

World changing research.

From synthetic genomics to next gen medicines and everything in between. 

Obviously, working with DNA can never be as simple as ordering your favourite takeout, but it could be close.


A Biofoundry at your fingertips

When you are ordering takeout, you don’t worry about how it will be cooked, right? 

You don’t even worry if it can be cooked.

You simply read the menu, pick your dish and click order.

It should be like this when you order DNA- choose your design and click order. Forget about the technical issues and wait for your samples to arrive.

DNA in a few clicks.

Well, this is what the Doulix biofoundry does. And by backing that with one-to-one support from the most dogged team in DNA- we help multiply your research output.

All the DNA you could want, made easy with powerful design and management tools.

Here’s a little of what’s on the menu.

Long, complex DNA synthesis you can rely on

We’ll admit, most DNA synthesis isn’t great. Unreliable, slow, frustratingly limited.

Which isn’t great for you because it means you go in house or risk missing that deadline by outsourcing. It shouldn’t be that way. 

Our DNA synthesis combines leading technology, methodologies and dedicated expert support. All of which means no more worries when you click “order” on your DNA.

Choose from fragments, clones and full plasmid assemblies and forget about the limits of traditional synthesis.

Stop worrying about complexity, we can solve it.

Want to create bigger plasmids? We can build them.

Those experiments you thought were impossible. Think again.

Fast, easy ordering and real human support every step of the way- you can pursue your most ambitious research yet with a DNA partner you can rely on.


The Doulix Biofoundry contains all the ingredients for a recipe for success in your DNA research.

Truly modular design with professional parts libraries

Tired of jumping from one DNA registry to the other? Never quite sure about the quality of what you’re getting?

Access the world’s largest collection of certified standard biological parts created by top industrial and academic institutions. Professionally designed, sequence-verified and tested in vivo before release.

Our libraries include parts and functional constructs designed by the world’s top labs from SEVA, CIDAR, Agilent and Sirion Biotech.

Then put them together in a few clicks with a fast, intuitive modular sequence editing.

Multiplex builds with fool-proof collaboration

Fully-fledged sequence editing and modular templates allow you to quickly design custom constructs as you need them.

While you create, duplicate, annotate, mutate and share Biomodules and Constructs, we keep an eye out to check and correct the presence of the most common flaws-automatically.

No more mistakes between design and synthesis, no matter how many constructs you are working on.

Secure inventories, faster turnaround and easier versioning with your personal repository

To further empower modular design, reduce costs and improve turnaround all biofoundry  benefit from free DNA storage. 

Store your DNA parts and constructs in our secure storage for quick reuse and mutation. Simpler inventory management, no more strain mutations and no more questions about that vector when your Post Doc moves on.

You can store all your DNA constructs safely in our secure storage and manage from our DNA studio software.


The outside view with professional support

We may sport some of the most advanced tech in DNA synthesis but that’s not the real secret sauce that helps you to faster discoveries and more ambitious research.

We may sport some of the most advanced tech in DNA synthesis but that’s not the real secret sauce that helps you to faster discoveries and more ambitious research.

Nope, our real secret is our team, the people; our experts. Obsessed with solving ever tougher synthesis and assemblies; always ready to jump two feet into your most ambitious challenges and say “let’s build that thing.”

DNA synthesis services expert

Doulix DNA synthesis services provide you with expert support in planning, ordering and troubleshooting your DNA. 

They’re there to help you discover parts, tackle assembly issues and solve expression hickups – like we said, it’s a bit of an obsession.


With all this talk about food…

Still here? You must either love your takeout or you love your DNA.

Which means you’re going to love this…

Your favourite takeout and your favourite DNA, all in one tasty offer.

Because nothing brings people together like food- and because we all need a bit of togetherness at the moment- we’re giving away €30 in vouchers for your favourite food delivery app. 

Share a tasty bite with your family or lab mates.

So, the next time you order, you’ll be accelerating your research shortly before tucking into your favourite pizza, burger or bento box. 

They call that a win-win.

Simply sign up below to receive your special offer code. 

Use the code next time you order, and you’ll be tucking into your favourite takeout in no time.