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Double your research output with the
brand new Doulix Biofoundry

Whether you’re a PI or a PhD, you can double your research output with the Doulix biofoundry. I’m going to show you how you can do that, and save money and headaches, without ever stepping foot in the lab.

Dear Friend of Doulix,


If you’ve been following our updates, you’ll already know about our brand new Biofoundry services.


And if you haven’t, well… this should be a nice surprise.


You see, this week we launched our Biofoundry. A suite of services to help you spend less time on DNA development and more time on what counts: your research.


In a moment, I’ll explain how you can get started quickly with the biofoundry. And how researchers like you, have used it to more than double their research output.


But in case you missed the updates, here’s a little recap of what is new.



All of that coupled with one-to-one support from the most dogged team in DNA.


And with flat pricing at €0.12/bp you can transform your research without transforming your budget.


Sound good?


Ok, let’s get you started with the Doulix biofoundry then…

So how can you double your research output with the Doulix Biofoundry?

So how can you double your research output?


What do you need to do?


Well actually, nothing. You don’t have to do a thing.


You don’t have to step foot in the lab. You don’t have to optimise your sequence. You don’t need to improve your collaboration tools. No migrating software, no change in your workflows.


All you need to do is send us your designs.


Simply send us your designs. We’ll handle the rest.


Of course, you can always talk to one of our PhD level team first. 


We’re happy to discuss strategy, talk parts and constructs and solve any bugs you may be facing.


And, throughout your project you’ll enjoy that one-to-one support from our team.


But to get started, simply upload your designs via our web app.


Not quite ready to order? No problem. 


You can preview your project with an instant quote on price and turnaround first.


But when you are ready to start, click order to launch. We’ll handle the rest. 


And to show you just how easy that is… 


Here are the five simple steps you can take to order your constructs today.

Transform your research in minutes with easy ordering from Doulix

1. Login and look for the “Build” icon on the welcome screen. 

2. Choose from linear fragments, cloned fragments or custom assemblies.

3. Import your sequence.

4. Review pricing and turnaround time. Add your constructs to cart, 

Then proceed to request a quote or order instantly.

5. Choose a non-binding quote or enter your billing details to place your order straight away.


Done! We then get in touch within a few minutes to confirm your order.

Shortly after that, our team reach out to discuss project delivery. With that done, you can focus on your experiments. Easy.

It’s as easy as that…

After saving hundreds of hours per year on cloning and assemblies. Your only problem is making the most of all that time.


Still not convinced?


There must be a catch right?


Well don’t just take my word for it.


Read on to see how we’ve helped researchers like you transform their research with the Doulix Biofoundry.

How researchers like you have improved research quality while saving hundreds of hours per year –  without ever stepping foot in the lab…


I am yet to find someone that loves cloning and assembly.


Hold on, I maybe know a few people and they work in our biofoundry.


But if you are like most researchers we speak to, you have more important things to do with your time.

Time you could be using to refine experimental design. Or multiplex your prototyping.


Well that is how we helped out this customer who shouted out on Twitter to say thanks:

“Doulix provided us with a bunch of plasmids for this project. This allowed me to save time from cloning and focus on refining experimental design! Thanks again!” 

You see? Time saved on cloning allowed this customer to improve both the quality and quantity of their research data.


So how much time can you save? Well that depends on you.


With anything from 6-12 hours for a single cloning project, you could quickly save hundreds of hours per year on large projects.


Assembling large complex constructs? Well, then you could save months of work for a single pain-staking assembly.


And because you avoid the cost of developing your DNA, you can invest your resources to explore more designs.


Like Professor Nogales who reached out to say:

“Doulix made DNA library design a no brainer… allowing for tens of constructs to be produced in a few clicks.” 

Prof. J Nogales, CNBC 


Forget about optimisation. Focus on scaling your experiments – our team have you covered for the DNA.


Which is why Dany loved our support as much as our DNA:

“The technical support is terrific and the DNA synthesis is reliable and always of high quality” 

Dr Dany Li, Chalmers University

Sound good?


Get an instant quote on your next project in under three minutes.

Streamlined workflows meet hands-free DNA development

If you loved Doulix’s bioCAD, well the good news it just got better.


With the launch of the biofoundry, our design software has become more expansive. 


And with it a new name DNA studio. Much more than a design tool.


It’s also a single place to collaborate on and manage your research projects.


See, you can still design and build your constructs in one single workflow. 


And you can still build with modular templates and a library of professionally developed parts and constructs.

But now you can manage a physical library of constructs stored in our DNA vault – for free. 


Your entire physical library available at a click. Reuse constructs, quickly create variants and enjoy faster turnaround on your projects.


Share designs and coordinate your project with your team. Then simplify your whole ordering process with the X-card (more on that in another time). 


It means simpler, more secure inventory management and faster turnaround. 


And because you pay only for new synthesis, you save when working on large projects and libraries.


You can now manage your physical library of parts and constructs stored in our storage center – for free.


How much more could you do?


Picture a partner, equipped with some of the most cutting edge tech in DNA synthesis – available at a click.


Someone you can rely on. Who won’t be beaten by complexity. Who deliver on-time and as promised. Always ready to turn your next design into a reality. 


What could you achieve? 


With a greater than 91% success rate and near perfect on time delivery in 2020, we’re a partner you can rely on whatever your challenge.


You still get access to our free bioCAD for modular design and editing. Only now you can forget about optimising your sequence and leave us to handle the manufacture.

And you can put all this to the test to see if it can improve your research output for ZERO RISK.

Just in case you didn’t know…


If you haven’t already put us to the test you may not know this. So just in case, let us say it here.


We’re so confident in the quality of our DNA; we aren’t afraid to back it with a promise. The Doulix Quality Promise – a 100% functional product or your money back.


That’s right, all your money back. No questions asked, no fuss. A full refund if you are unhappy.


Which means you can still design multiple constructs in a few clicks.


You can still send it for synthesis and forget about the technical details.


You can still get long, complex constructs on time and in a few weeks.


And if you are still unsatisfied, you don’t have to pay a thing.


So you can carry on hoping the competition won’t reject those sequence repeats. Or you can challenge us with your toughest request for none of the risk.


Sound good?


Get started in a few minutes with an instant quote and start supercharging your research

When it comes down to it, it is really pretty simple.


Right now and in a few minutes, you can order that construct you’ve been carefully designing these last months.


No need to optimise your sequence. Forget about manufacture that’s what we do.


Just upload your sequence and leave the rest to us. Easy as that. And when you do…


We’ll ensure your samples arrive 100% sequence perfect.


We’ll also optimise and troubleshoot as needed. And if you had any technical issues in the design, we’ll be happy to take care of them.


Then once you’ve synthesised your sequence, we keep it safe in our storage centre, for the next time you need it.


When you need to make variants, you only pay for new synthesis.


After all that if your sequence isn’t 100% perfect. If it doesn’t function as promised…


Well, then you don’t pay a thing. No fuss made.


Thinking about it like that hopefully makes you realise that you really can’t lose ANYTHING by giving this a go…


Simply click the link below to get an instant quote on your next project. 


We’ll then be in touch if you’d like to talk more.


And when you are ready to get started, we’ll be ready to transform your work with DNA.


Thanks for reading.


Best regards,


Alan Walker,

Business Development- Northern Europe
Doulix Biofoundry



ps. Not quite finished your designs? Or want to talk to an expert before you plan your next project? 

You can still preview your project with a sample sequence similar to your own. Choose a sample sequence beneath the import sequence option when you sign in.

Once you have requested a quote, we’ll be in touch to talk details.

Get an instant quote below.